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Our 2026 Strategic Foundations are:

  • Driving Strategic Growth
  • Ensuring Educational Excellence
  • Effective Quality and Assurance
  • Cultivating a Family and Unifying our Culture

Trust Growth

Our aim is to grow within a close geographical location and where it makes strategic sense aligned to our model for all through education. We will always endeavour to ensure we are improving the system as a whole but supporting and working with all schools in the locality.

Employer of choice

Our Trust CPD programmes will allow us to identify and grow the talent within our staff. Our ability to provide both cross Trust and school based posts will allow us to attract and keep the best staff.

Every member of staff has access to Nimbl.

We have worked with other schools in Swindon to create The Swindon Teacher Training Partnership to help recruit and train teachers.


Swindon Teacher Training Partnership



Staff Charter 2020-21 (123KB)

The Park Academies Trust aims to be the employer of choice for educational staff living and working in the Swindon area. The purpose of this Staff Charter is to capture our approach to enabling this to happen.

2026 Delivery Plan (147KB)

2026 Delivery Plan